Friday, September 22, 2017

Adventures in cat daddy-ing

BC: Bear Cat
EM: Ellie Mae
MK: Momma Kat
The Boy: The cat daddy

"HELP" ...
The Boy: I hate this mouse!
BC: Mouse? Did you say ... {looking both ways} ... MOUSE?!?!

The Boy: This stupid mouse is too sensitive.
BC: Tell it to buck up or I'll teach it a thing or two.
The Boy: Buck up? How would that ...
BC: Phht. Like you have mouse handling skills. I AM the mouse expert. You probably think my micey are real mice!
The Boy: I don't know what you're talking ... the computer won't let me change the mouse settings.
BC: Mice have settings?!?!? 
The Boy: Yeah. You can choose pointers and pointer options, switch buttons, and adjust the wheel. 
BC: Choose pointers?!? I've got a pointer for the heathen ... BUCK UP and stop acting like a baby. Another pointer?!?! I'M THE SHARK! And the shark is always hungry for mouse. If you're in this house, you belong to me!
The Boy: Bear ...
BC: Yeah. You're right. YOU don't belong to me. Nope. I wouldn't claim you unless you owned a tasty whole chicken farm.
The Boy: Thanks! I'll buy a tasty whole chicken farm just for your approval!
BC: COOL!!!!! Huh. Maybe you're not as bad as I thought ...
The Boy: I was being sarcastic!
BC: Well, EXCUSE ME for not lowering myself to your intelligence level.

{Pause as Bear thinks}
The Boy: FINALLY! Silen ... !
BC: I don't understand why a mouse would have a wheel though. Wait a second ... you put the mouse on a diet! That's why he has a wheel. Better him than me. Maybe if you weren't starving him, he'd be less sensitive. Have you made rude comments about his weight and girth? He definitely has a little belly there.
The Boy: Bear! That's not what I'm ...
BC: You said your mouse has buttons ... what exactly are those for?! Maybe an "off" button? Like a remote? Do mice run on remotes? Or buttons like a sweater? 
The Boy: Why do I even try ...
BC: To not be annoying? I don't know.

The Boy: I have to use the bathroom.
BC: Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on your mouse.
The Boy: Err ... thanks?
{The Boy is gone for a few minutes and then ...}
BC: Take THAT!
BC: And THIS! 
BC: Prepare to die! 
The Boy: {to himself} I can't leave him alone for five seconds! My poor mouse ...
EM: {walking into the bathroom while The Boy is still using the facilities} Did you say ... {looking both ways} ... MOUSE?!?!
The Boy: Why do you both say it that way?!?!
{He notices Ellie is already gone ... so he closes the door to discourage more "visitors."}
EM: The Boy just closed the door to the bathroom! I think he's got some tasty whole chickens in there.
{Bear jumps down and runs to the closed bathroom door}
BC: LET ME IN!!! I know you're in there with my tasty whole chickens!

BC: If you don't let me in, I'll break this door down!!
BC: I'll give you until the count of ten. One ... two ... three ... nine ... TEN! Here I come!!!
BC: RATS! I hate this door. For some reason, I always find myself on the wrong side of it and it's not so easy to bust open. HELLO! HELLO! Let me in! Let me in!
The Boy: Can't I get some peace and quiet around here?!?
BC: You live with two cats. Let me in!
The Boy: If I let you in to look around and make sure there aren't any chickens in here, will you leave me alone?

{The Boy opens the bathroom door ... Bear looks around ...}
BC: What are you doing?
The Boy: What do you mean, what am I doing?! What does it LOOK like I'm doing?
{From the other room ... WHACK!!!}
EM: Take THAT, sucker!
BC: Uh oh. I gotta go. BYE!
{Bear runs back to the office and Ellie's attack on the mouse in progress}
BC: I have this under control, Ellie. Back off! AHEM!
BC: Mousie, I'll make you pay ...
The Boy: Oh for pete's sake!
BC: It caught me in its tractor beam! I'm cat toast! It's going to beam me up to the mother ship! I'll be abducted by aliens! They'll mine my vast intelligence and do horrible things to me!

EM: COOL! I wonder if aliens have tasty whole chick ...
BC: Oh, SHUT UP, Ellie!
EM: Well, that's not very ...
The Boy: {Walking into the room} What's going on?
BC: Your mouse's tractor beam hit me!
The Boy: The what?!?! Oh. You flipped the mouse. That's not a tractor beam.
BC: WHAT?!?! You mean I'm not going to be abducted by aliens?
The Boy: No. 
The Boy: Why would they want YOU?!?
BC: That's it! Next time you have a mouse problem, don't call me.
The Boy: I didn't this time.
BC: That's the last time I do you a favor!

The Boy: Honey, can you make me a couple ham sandwiches for lunch?
MK: Sure.
{Momma prepares the sandwiches ... then brings them to the table ... and walks away}
EM: YUM! HAM! How nice of Momma to make these for me!
EM: {looking in all directions} I don't want to share with Bear. {LICK-LICK}. Yummy.
The Boy: {walking into the room} ELLIE! That's my lunch!
EM: No, it's not! Momma made these ham sandwiches for me!
BC: {walking in} Did someone say HAM?!?!
EM: HEY! Finder's keepers! The early kitty gets the pig sandwich. Nomnomnomnomnomnomnom.
The Boy: ELLIE! Stop licking my sandwich!
BC: Oooh! Can I have some?!?!
EM: This one on the right is REALLY good!
BC: Yum! 
The Boy: Bear! Stop licking my sandwich!
BC: We should get ham sandwiches more often. Where do ham sandwiches live? Are there tasty whole ham sandwich farms?!?!
EM: Momma made these.
BC: {GASP} YUCK! Pat-ooey! I'm poisoned! I'm poisoned! Momma's cooking! Momma's cooking! My NINTH life just flashed before my eyes! And I'm STILL grounded!
EM: More for me!
BC: HEY! You got a head start! Move over!
The Boy: HONEY!!! 
MK: {from the kitchen} I'm not home!
BC: Hahahaha! By the time Momma gets home, the sandwiches will be gone!
{The Boy and Ellie stare at Bear}
BC: WHAT?!?! 

BC: Introducing ...
{A glass falls through the air and lands on the kitchen floor}

BC: ... Bear Cat on ICE! Hahaha. Get it?! On ice? I'm on top of the freezer! I'm so hot, I need cooling down! I'm so sexy ...
The Boy: You scared the crap out of me, Bear! 
BC: I don't see any crap.
The Boy: What are you doing up there?!?
BC: Looking down on you.
The Boy: Enjoy it while you can. After the ceiling repairs are done, your Momma's going to put all the junk back up there.
BC: I don't think you'll fit up here.
The Boy: Ha. ha. ha.
BC: I always get the last laugh.
The Boy: I wouldn't say ALWAYS ... I mean, you're not laughing when you're acting like Mr. Big Pants and then you get scared and run away because something startles you. Or when your Momma outsmarts you.
BC: As if. If she "outsmarts" me, it's because I let her.
The Boy: Right. Why don't you pull this nonsense on your Momma?
BC: Phht. Because she's no fun. I hardly ever surprise her anymore ... and when I do, she doesn't react anymore. You're lucky that's a plastic glass - or Momma would be mad at you. But you should probably clean up that water before Momma slips on it. Then again, last time was pretty funny! The flailing arms and legs and then BOOM!!! EARTHQUAKE!
BC: SHHH! Here she comes! Here she comes!
MK: {walking into the kitchen and looking straight ahead} Bear. Get down.
BC: RATS! SEE?!?!?
The Boy: How did you know he's up there?!? You weren't even looking up there!
MK: After ten years, I just have a sense where he is.
MK: Except when he's laying in the middle of the floor when it's dark in here.
BC: I tell you ... this woman has eyes in the back of her head! It's FREAKY!
{Jumping down to the counter}
BC: The pantry! My treats are in there! Come on, Momma!
MK: {walking out of the kitchen} Nope.
BC: You're mean!
{Fifteen minutes pass and The Boy gets up to go in the kitchen}
MK: {from the couch} By the way, watch out ... Bear's in the ...
The Boy: {opening the kitchen cabinet to find Bear in the cabinet} AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
BC: What's up, doc?

The Boy: You're having way too much fun at my expense.
BC: No such thing.
The Boy: How did you get in there?!?!?

The Boy: Bear?!?!
BC: My tail! Isn't my tail handsome?!?! What's a sexy tail like you doing in a cabinet like this?!?!

The Boy: Oh, for pete's sake.
BC: Who's Pete? Is his tail as sexy as mine?!? Phht. Obviously NOT.
{Bear hops down out of the cabinet and jumps on his desk chair}
The Boy: {pointing at Bear} No more scaring me.
BC: Bring that finger just a little bit closer ... I have a surprise for you.

The Boy: Do I really look that stupid to fall for that?
BC: You mean ... fall for that AGAIN? I'm the shark!
The Boy: I'm out of here. I'm getting my shower.
{The Boy gets in the shower ... }
BC: Work it ... work it ...
The Boy: HUH?
{A switch flips}
The Boy: HEY! Who turned off the lights?!? This isn't funny!
{Chuckling is heard}
EM: {waking up} Huh? WHA?

BC: How many times have I told you NOT to turn the lights off on The Boy when he's in the shower!
EM: You turned the lights off on my Daddy?!?!? He might get hurt!
{Ellie runs to the bathroom to flip the switch}

EM: Do de do ... la la la la ...

BC: HEY! Leave my tail alone!

EM: For being a tiny tail ...
{Bear jumps Ellie}
BC: I told you to leave my tail alone!

EM: Make me!
BC: My pleasure!
BC: She started it!
EM: He started it.
BC: Did not!
EM: Did too!
{The cats roll around a bit}

{The fight continues}

BC: Say you're sorry!
EM: I'm not sorry!
BC: You're about to be!

BC: Then leave my tail alone!
EM: I'll do whatever I want to do!
BC: Then so will I!
EM: It's not fair! You're way fatter than me!
BC: HEY! STOP with the fat jokes!
EM: Stop it!
BC: Then YOU stop it!
{The cats continue to fight}
The Boy: Ummm ... 
The Boy: TREATS?!?!
{The cats stop fighting and run to the kitchen}

The Boy: Son of a ...
EM: He fell for it again. 
BC: Hahahahahahahahaha.
EM: That's why you're so fat!
BC: What did you just say?
EM: Nothing!
BC: Where are our treats?!?!
EM: Chop chop, Daddy!
The Boy: Good grief.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Junk in the trunk

BC: Bear Cat
EM: Ellie Mae
MK: Momma Kat

BC: I really hate the weekends.
EM: Why?!?! We get TONS of snuggle time! I can snuggle with my Daddy ALL DAY!
BC: Barf. You haven't noticed that, on the weekends, Momma and The Boy have nothing to do - so they pick us up and try to snuggle us most of the weekend? Not to mention, Momma's bored and keeps chasing us around with that stupid camera.

EM: She can't help it! I'm adorable!
BC: Oh, yeah. SURE. YOU'RE the reason she takes so many pictures.
EM: What else would it be?! You look like a furry meatloaf. What's cute about that?
BC: HEY! I'm CUTE! I'm VERY cute!
EM: Denial ain't just the river in Egypt.
BC: You turn every conversation into making fun of me!
EM: You make it easy!
BC: AS I WAS SAYING ... I hate the weekends because the humans are all up in our face. We're only safe during the work week!
EM: I LIKE cuddling with my Daddy.

BC: Suck up.
EM: I'd rather be a suck up than bite the hand that feeds me.
BC: How many times do I have to explain to you that Momma feeds me with her RIGHT hand and I bite her left?
EM: I got it! I got it! Bear! Look what I caught!

BC: HEY! That's my tail!
EM: No, it's not. It's ... it's ... some kind of tiny worm.
BC: TINY?!?! I'll have you know my tail isn't TINY!
EM: This isn't your tail.

BC: Yes, it is!
EM: SHHHHH!!! I'm hunting!
BC: Yeah! MY tail!
EM: It's not your tail! It's flicking all over in front of me. Surely it wants me to chase and kill it.

EM: Don't be ridiculous. 
BC: I think I know what's my tail and what's NOT my tail!
EM: Why would I want YOUR tail?!? 
BC: HEY! What's wrong with my tail?
EM: It's short and thin. I have a beautiful, long, bushy tail! Why would I want yours?
BC: HEY! It's bad enough you can't leave my tail alone ... but now you insult it?!? AGAIN?!?!
EM: The pink elephant's tail in Momma's dream must've been longer than yours. She did you a favor!

BC: She also dreamed I changed into a cow! No doubt, another jab at my weight. You got to be the tiger! Momma clearly has some latent and repressed animosity toward me.
EM: You DO bite her an awful lot. And you've pulled quite a few stunts.
BC: Oh, shut up! A cat gets his paw stuck in a toaster and he never hears the end of it!
EM: I don't think that's the ONLY ...
BC: I think Momma has some voodoo magical powers. She jokes about turning me into a toad ... she takes the broom in the closet for a spin every so often ... her cooking tastes like feet ... she says a lot of things that sound like gibberish ... she's a few spells short of a vocabulary textbook ... I highly suspect she collects our fur and clips our claws for her concoctions - instead of for our benefit ... And now she has a black cat and her face has taken on a green-ish tint?!? If we move to a house made of candy or she develops warts ... I swear, I'll quit!
EM: Your poop HAS been really stinky lately.
BC: What does that have to do with anything?!?
EM: The green-ish tint to Momma's face! Smelling your poop would knock anyone out.
BC: Like your poop doesn't stink!

EM: Phht. Nope. It does. I just have the courtesy to cover it.
BC: On second thought ... she brushed my teeth last night and clipped my claws, so maybe the proper term for her starts with a 'b.' 
BC: I didn't do it!
The Boy: Honey?!
EM: DADDY?!?! Daddy?!?! Are you okay?
BC: What's wrong with you?!?! HE'S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU! Clearly the noise wasn't from him.
The Boy: I'm okay.
EM: If you're okay, that's all that matters. Your lap is irreplaceable!
BC: {running to find Momma} Momma?!?! MOMMA!!!! You better be alive or ... or ... I'll kill you! {To The Boy} CALL 999! We might need an ambulance!
BC: Wait a ... they don't deliver tasty whole chickens do they?!? I mean, being without tasty whole chickens IS an emergency! We could kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
EM: How did this idiot survive so long?
The Boy: You aren't kidding. He's ... umm ... "special."
BC: {running into the bathroom to find Momma on the floor} Are you okay?
MK: Yes, I just ...
BC: I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! I don't want to know which of your iniquities caught up with you.

MK: YOU LOVE ME! It's so sweet you came running and worried about me ...
BC: So I'm not stuck with dumbnuts and dumber-nuts?!? Hmmm ... or maybe that should be dumb-nuttier?! Dumber-nuttier?
MK: What?
BC: Intelligence flashed before my eyes.
{Pause as Bear hears snickering from the other room}
BC: YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!!! {To himself} Son of a ... I REALLY must stop and think before I open my tasty whole chicken trap.
MK: So the only reason you came to check up on me is because you didn't want to be left with The Boy and Ellie?
BC: Of course not! I'm not completely without scruples. I also wanted to be sure I'd get my wet food treat.
MK: Bear ...
BC: So you'll be alive to give me my wet food treat in less than an hour?
MK: I think so ...
BC: You THINK so!?!? You THINK so?!?!? I don't think so! Nope. Yes or no.
MK: {sighing} Yes, you'll get your wet food treat.
BC: Phew! My wet food treat passed before my eyes. That was close. I almost starved. 
BC: Look at my butt, Momma! It's tiny! I need more junk in my trunk.

MK: BEAR! Do you REALLY have to show me your butt while I'm laying on the floor?
BC: How ELSE will you realize the severity of the problem? On the floor ... or on the toilet ... equals a captive audience.
MK: You couldn't wait for me to gather my wits?
BC: What wits?!? You've been GATHERING wits for a long time ... you just don't have much to show for it.
MK: Bear ...
BC: I saw what you did the other day! You set your black t-shirt on the bed as you put your pants on ... then you started petting the t-shirt because you thought it was Ellie
MK: I just woke up!! And out of the side of my eye ...
BC: You're always walking into things ... doors ... walls ... FURNITURE ... trying to flip light switches in places the light switches have never been ... you burn yourself just about every time you cook ... you refuse to iron because you always burn yourself ... you burn all the kitchen utensils to the stove top. If it's stupid ... you've done it!
EM: {heard from the other room} She adopted you!
MK: {getting up} I fell out of the shower!
BC: You should be more careful stepping out of the shower!
MK: I wasn't stepping out of the shower! I FELL out of the shower in the middle of my shower!
BC: You can't make this stuff up!

MK: Bear, I was leaning out of the tub to grab something in the drawer of the vanity when I slipped and fell out of the tub.
BC: My personal favorite Momma story is from last year. You stepped on your desk chair to reach something on the ceiling - forgetting your new desk chair tilts back - it tilted and your weight went backward ... and TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMBBEEEEEEEEEER!!! Then you did it again a few days later. Your wrist was messed up for a YEAR! I really need to learn how to use that stupid camera!
{Momma steps back in the shower}
BC: WHOOOOOOOOAA! You've got a GINORMOUS bruise on your butt! Holy cat crap on a cracker ... it's the size of your ENTIRE butt!
MK: Just kick a person when they're down.
BC: But you got up already! And you're not a person! You're a Momma! I didn't mean to imply that your butt was ginormous too ... but if the ginormous pants fit ... let's just say that you don't need any more junk in your trunk.
MK: Never mind.
BC: I'll be right back.
{Bear runs out ... Momma hears whispers and giggling from the other room ... then Bear's back ... this time sitting on the bath mat so that he can watch Momma as she finishes her shower}.
BC: {meowing away} I'm NEVER going to be able to erase this image from my poor mind! BURNED into my consciousness for the rest of my life! But yet, I must do what's right! I must make sure my sister and I get fed! Oh, the sacrifices I make ... the burdens I bear. Perhaps that's why I was named Bear ... to bear the world's suffering and pain so that others might live!
{Momma rolls her eyes}
BC: It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

MK: {muttering to herself} And he tells me I keep talking and can't shut up.
BC: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. 
BC: {meowing away} Don't BEAR me! You're the one who almost killed yourself by falling OUT of the bathtub! PAY ATTENTION!!!! Do you know what it would do to me to lose you?!?! NO! 
MK: Awww. Bear ...
BC: {meowing away} NO! I'd be stuck with dumbnuts! And he'd put me on a DIET! He gets mad at me for biting him! What would I do with all my furry fury?!?! I'd never be the same!!!
The Boy: {from the other room} You think I'D keep YOU?!?!
BC: Would you send me to a tasty whole chicken farm?!? Because if so, let's negotiate!
MK: HEY! I'm not going anywhere. And you're not going anywhere. 
MK: You don't have to sit here and watch the rest of my ...
BC: Huh. You're right. If you fell out of the shower again, you'd cat-cake me! 

{Bear steps back a few feet}
BC: Now, where was I?!? Oh, yeah. STOP BEING DUMB! Stop doing dumb stuff! If you don't stop it, I'll kill you myself!!!
MK: {getting out of the shower} I love you, Bear.
BC: Yeah, yeah ... whatever.
BC: PSST! Come closer! 
{Momma leans down}
BC: {Almost whispering} I love you too, Momma. 

❀ From A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Pet Blogger Showcase 09/16/2017

Twice a month, Bear and I co-host a Pet Blogger Linky Party along with co-hosts PetFavesHeart Like A Dog, and Felines Opines. If you missed the last Pet Blogger Showcase, you can view it here: Pet Blogger Showcase 09/01/2017. To view all the past weeks of the Showcase that we co-hosted, click the link: Pet Blogger Showcase.

Why do Bear and I like blog hops and linky parties? 
  • We've met so many incredible new friends we'd never find otherwise. For the majority of blogs Bear and I visit on a regular basis, probably eighty percent of them or more we found through participating in blog hops.
  • With the variety of blogs that participate, there's so much to learn for those of us who can never know enough. Not to mention that there are a lot of touching, fascinating, or otherwise unique stories to be told outside of one's "niche."
  • They are great ways to build relationships within the blogging community. When Momma recently went through a tough time emotionally, our blogging friends were our best supports. So building relationships with other bloggers isn't just about increasing readership, but also connecting in meaningful ways that can often be lost behind a computer screen.
If you join our Party, please link to a specific post from your blog instead of to your blog's homepage. Since each co-host chooses three posts from the last Party to feature each week - you increase your chances of being chosen by giving us a specific post and not the more general homepage.

In keeping with the tradition of this particular linky party, my favorite link ups from the last Showcase follow. A note on the last Showcase ... Bear and I were ecstatic at how many link ups we had last time!!! Especially with the great showing of felines! THANK YOU to everyone/everycat/everydog who linked up ... the Showcase is made better by each and every friend who joins: you ARE the Showcase!

*** Ginger Ninja Appreciation Day with Fudge and We got a Make-Offur! - Basil's Blog ***

We love the stories of Fudge's antics. He certainly runs his petcretary ragged. His handsomeness surely makes up for it though, right?! And while you're there, check out the make-over of Basil's Blog. We think it's every bit as sexy as the cat himself.

Phoebe from 15andmeowing always cracks us up. Much like Bear Cat, she's always providing commentary on the quality of service of her human assistants. As usual, in this post, her Mom is the subject of her scorn. Fair?! Probably not. But you must admire her spitfire attitude.
We love all the unique kitties, rabbits, and dog at Purrseidon's house. Purrseidon was "raised" by Saphera, her doggy big sister. Another fun fact? Purr LOVES water and begs her humans to take her to the beach. Her kitty brother, Mr M, loves astronomy and the sky - many of his posts teach us things we didn't know. Given Purr's love of water, we enjoy her amusement at her siblings' quirks and peculiarities in this specific post.

Wait! Wait! One ... no more!!! We're counting this as a chosen ORGANIZATION ... though the blog itself is amazing and WELL WORTH your visit. For as long as I cohost, I will praise and raise awareness for PAWS, an incredible rescue in Norwalk, Connecticut that I've come to admire and wholeheartedly support. We LOVE Animal Shelter Volunteer Life because of their upbeat attitude and because they do a phenomenal job of sharing this particular rescue - and the cats available for adoption there. PAWS offers a lot of great programs including a "pension plan" for senior pets up for adoption. We encourage our readers to visit these two blogs, check out the amazing animals up for adoption on PAWS' website, and support rescue efforts at PAWS and locally.


Welcome to the Pet Blogger Showcase! This is the place for you to show off your favorite family friendly pet related posts, find other great posts to read, show some love to other bloggers and maybe be featured on one of the host blogs!

Meet the Hosts Behind the Showcase

PetFaves- Living the pet lover lifestyle

Heart Like A Dog- The good, the bad, and the Oh My God of living with dogs

Felines Opines- The world from a feline point of view

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat- The humorous and touching tales of a formerly homeless, yet always extraordinary, feline and his Momma, who's just along for the ride.

About the Pet Blogger Showcase

Twice a month, On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, you have the chance to link up one of your blog posts to the linky party link-up. Then visit 3 other blogs that joined the party and leave a meaningful comment. Feel free to share with your followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Then each week the hosts will feature their favorite 3 posts from the previous Linky Party on the new party post.

Pet Blogger Showcase Rules

1.    Share a pet specific post, past or present, from your blog in the linky below. Family friendly posts only. (We love reading about other topics and niches, but posts that are not pet related will be deleted this includes any posts that don’t mention pets even if they are on a pet blog or if the post could pertain to pets.)
2.    Spread the Love! Leave a quality comment(more than just a few words) on at least 3 other posts from the linky party. Tell them why you love their post, encourage them, share on social media.
3.    Check back for the next linky party to see if you are featured on one of the hosts’ blogs.

*Note: By adding your post to the linky party you are giving the hosts permission to use an image from your post if your post will be a featured post on their blog to help encourage people to click through to your post. The image may be used individually or as a collage.

ALSO ... please link to a specific post from your blog instead of to your blog's homepage. Since each co-host chooses three posts from the last Party to feature each week - you increase your chances of being chosen by giving us a specific post and not the more general homepage.

That’s it! No need to RSVP. No need to bring a covered dish. No need to add the linky to your post. No need to include a button. Just come join the party and PAWTY ON